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Systems Integration

Infotech works with established partners to offer Systems Integration Services for setting up a new TV station or TV channel, upgrading an existing one, enhancing signal distribution to new markets, and such other client requirements.

Solutionsoffered cover- Content acquisition, whether Electronic News Gathering or ingest, storage (SAN / NAS / DAS / etc.), Automation control – from ingest to playout, Media asset management, Non-linear editing, Multi-lingual newsrooms, Tape-less production and post production, Playout, Channel branding and Ticker tape, Archiving, Internet streaming and distribution to new media. In addition, workflow solutions that seamlessly integrate functions such as scheduling / re-scheduling, billing, logging / auditing, etc. to provide an integrated one point turnkey support to client needs.

Content Conversion

Infotech offers services and solutions for converting content from tapes to digital media for reuse and repurposing. These typically involve moving the tape libraries into an online digital asset management database through tape conversion and performing cleanup, QA and meta-tagging for the content so it can be quickly accessed via search features and pulled into new production processes.

Channel Management & Consultancy

Infotech works with established partners to offer end to end Channel Consultancy & Channel Management

Visit Gen21 BMS website for more info and details

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